None of our produce contains genetic material which has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering.



Egypt Garden crops are grown in safe soil, have no modifications, and remain separate from conventional products to guarantee the most natural outcome.



Egypt Garden is committed to continuously meet the clients’ expectations in food safety and quality standards.



Egypt Garden’s organic farming practices reduce air, water, and soil pollution.


  • Grapefruit


    Grapefruit Egypt Garden’ Grapefruit was grown in Egyptian soil to perfect size and ripeness. The juicy nutrient packed fruit is examined to pick
  • Lime


    Lime Egypt Garden’ naturally grown lime is picked at the point where they offer the perfect marriage between tart and sweet flavors. The, squeeze
  • Valencia Orange

    Valencia Orange

    FRUITS Valencia Orange Product Types Navel – Baladi – Sweet Packaging Picking Packaging According to client request Outer Cartons 8 Kg Carton –
  • Onion


    VEGETABLES          Onion Product Types Brown– Red /Red Creole Onion Specifications 40-60 / 60-80 / 80 and rise sizes 30-50 / 50-70 / 70-90.
  • Medjool dates

    Medjool dates

    Medjool dates Medjool dates, This king of dates is naturally grown in Egypt Garden’ soil. The Medjool variety of dates carries a maple syrup,
  • Kalamata Olives

    Kalamata Olives

    Kalamata olives Egypt Garden kalamata olives are of the highest quality. they are the most famous olives from Egypt and they are called the queen
  • Green Olives

    Green Olives

    Egyptian Green Olives Nutrition facts Egyptian Green Olives contain 115–145 calories per 3.5 ounces (100 grams), or about 59 calories for 10
  • Broccoli


    Broccoli Egypt Garden’ naturally grown broccoli are nutritious knock out. The vegetable is grown under the Egyptian sun, in the Egyptian soil.
  • fresh olives green

    Fresh olive

    Fresh Olives The Fresh Olives is the fruit of the Olive tree and is a major component of the agriculture and gastronomy along the Mediterranean


    VEGETABLES     ARTICHOKES Product Types Local – French French – Baladi Artichokes Packaging Picking Packaging According to client request
  • leek spring-onion


    VEGETABLES   LEEK / SPRING ONIONS Product Types Seed – Onion Packaging Picking Packaging No. of onions in a gap: – 10-12 mm / 9 on. – 12-15
  • Dried Garlic - Egyptian Garlic

    Dried garlic

    VEGETABLES Dried GARLIC Product Types White Garlic (Local) – Chinese Garlic (Red)  Packaging According to export quantity Outer Cartons 5 Kg
  • green cabbage

    Green Cabbage

    Green Cabbage / Savoy cabbage Egypt Garden offers the leafy delight that is the Green Cabbage Or Savoy cabbage. The Cabbage, grown under the
  • Beef Tomatoes

    Beef Tomatoes

    Beef Tomatoes Egypt Garden offers the finest selection of beef steak tomatoes picked off their plant at their finest. A beefsteak tomato is one
  • Green Beans

    Green Bean

    Green Bean Green Bean are the unripe, young fruit and protective pods of various cultivars of the common bean. and this snap bean is a fine
  • Melon


    FRUITS MELON Product Types Melon Packaging According to client request Outer Cartons 2 / 4 Items per carton Shipping Air – Sea Description Egypt
  • Red Globe

    Red Globe

    FRUITS Red Globe Grapes Product Types Red Globe  Packaging Packaging According to client request Outer Cartons 5 Kg Carton – 4.50 Kg Carton
  • Paprika


    VEGETABLES Paprika Product Types Sweet Green – Sweet Yellow – Sweet Red – Green – Red Packaging Picking Packaging According to client request

Do you want healthy and Natural Foods !

Welcome to the home of good, clean food in Egypt. We believe you should know your food, where it comes from and who grows it. We deliver organic produce and premium, pesticide free fruits and vegetables straight from the source to your home.